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2012 SEO Prediction

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Darin’s 2012 SEO Prediciton

It’s the end of the year and as always, I make one bold prediction for the upcoming year.  Here it is

“2012 will be the year of Local SEO”

Ok, Ok.  That isn’t that hard to figure out.  But let me give you my real prediction for 2015, four years early.

“2015 Will be the Year AgentRank Takes Effect”

Unfortunately, this one is about four years early.  I know I’m getting way ahead of myself but since Google updated their 2005 patent on AgentRank a few months ago and knowing how long Google takes to implement patents, I’m predicting that AgentRank will officially launch in 2015.  It just makes since.  I sold my algorithm to Google in 2007 and Google+ launched in July of this year (technically June 28th but you get the idea).   Some of the social metrics will need to be “opened” for Google to crawl them.  For instance, FB is still pretty closed to Google but there are rumbles about something they are calling “Open Graph” (I think that’s what they said) but I think a better name would be “OpenBook” (pun intended).  Bascially FB is talking about allowing FB apps to take your data an customize your experience on FB.  This info could be combined with Google’s info and really become powerful for marketers.

Think of Minority Report.

  Anyway, I digress.

No one actually knows when and if AgentRank will come out.  Google holds a lot of patents on stuff they never intend to use.  But I think it makes total sense.  The key is to start writing really good content on your site and get people to share it on so you can start building your AgentRank today.  Do it!  Why are you still reading this post?  Go write good content!  Go! Go!

Here are the links to the patent:


Here’s a great article over at Search News Channel on all the updates this year:  http://searchnewscentral.com/20111227221/Technical/google-search-patents-2011.html